About Me

me-2016We don’t know each other. Yet. So, maybe we should take a minute to get to know one another. I’ll start.

But first, some common ground. 

If you’re here, I have a feeling we have some things in common.

1.) We love the farm life.

2.) We live our lives by a set of values. We don’t make decisions based on our emotions. We try to balance our present feelings with values so we can make the best decision.


3.) We think the world would be a better place if more of us operated in this same way.

That’s why I’ve started Farm Family Values.  

So, who am I?

I’m a husband to an amazing woman. She’s responsible for all the awesome content over at Chasing Supermom. She’s also the mother of our 4 kids: Hannah, Henry, Harry & Harper. The 4-H’s. No we didn’t go with 4-H’s because we love the farm life. That makes me a dad to some pretty great kids and right smack dab in the middle of a pretty great life.

In May of 2015, we moved into my Grandpa’s old house. My grandpa and his parents moved into this house in the 1920’s. Now we’re here. In Grandpa’s house and living the farm life.

I always wanted to live on a farm. When I was a kid and we visited my grandparents on the farm it would become a part of my dreams. And now, we’re here!

On top of all this, I’m a pastor. I get to lead a wonderful community of people. And together, we’re trying to live out the values we find in God’s word.

I’m a Husband/Father, Pastor and Farmer(ish). I see all kinds of things from all kinds of people in all kinds of place. One of the things I see over and over again is that we need to live more by value and less by feeling.

That’s a little bit about me. Now it’s your turn. Share with me in the comments section, on Facebook or Twitter or come visit us at SixEight Church!