Yes, I recognize there are plenty of reasons to dislike rainy days. I also recognize there aren’t very many people like who like the rain. We live in the Pacific Northwest, where rain is a pretty regular part of our lives. As long as we aren’t experiencing “El Nino” or “The Blob”, we can expect to have a decent amount of grey and rainy days from October through April.

But, we also live in the evergreen state. If we didn’t have that much rain, it wouldn’t stay green. And if it wasn’t green, we might as well live in the desert. So, for every reason there is to dislike the rain, there are plenty of reasons to like it.

Here are a few of my reasons.

  1. It’s like a colossal shower. It washes all the dirt and grime off everything.
  2. It makes everything green.
  3. It fills the ground with water, which we live off of.
  4. It waters the garden and lawn.
  5. It drives the nutrients down into the soil.
  6. It sounds cool on a metal roof.
  7. It makes the creeks and rivers run.
  8. It’s what makes snow!
  9. It makes the sunny days better.
  10. It’s relaxing and calming – which makes it nice for a fire and cup of tea.

What are your reasons to like the rain?